Did You Have a Bad Experience With a Lawyer?

Most likely you did – why else would you have found your way to a web site titled “Real Bad Lawyers,” right?

I myself, your friendly webmaster, had a few of those encounters myself and so I decided that something need to be done to at least reduce the risk for somebody else to become a victim of that lawyer as well.

I thought long and hard on how to run a web site like this without running into the problem of being sued for libel – after all we are going to expose people who’s business it is to maintain the image of being trust-worthy. Anything that would undermine that business model would have to be attacked with the means they know and love.

So it is very important that data presented on this site is correct. We don’t want just bitching and moaning about injustice without being able to document the accusations. Thus a web site open for all is out of the question – we would need to have a membership site where you get an account so we know who you are. We would still hide or change you name in all documents to protect you from the professional litigators. And in general we would charge a fee for the account because we will have to view and verify your information you submit for publication.

No, that is not a barrier if you really have been a victim of a lawyer – if you are you will qualify for a rebate that will reduce your membership fee to zero.

Even though we are biased against the legal profession (no reason to deny that) we still try to be fair and allow any lawyer to request a membership as well to be able to present his or her side of the story.

There might be good lawyers out there but let’s work together to stop at least the obviously bad apples from hurting potential clients (victims). Get in touch with us if you have been the victim of a real bad lawyer – or, if you feel you are unjustly bashed as one, please let us know.

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