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  1. sharon limon-hughes says:

    I was married to my husband who was 22 years older than me. I met him when I was 29 years old. He was 51. We had a very rocky marriage. It was so bad it cause me to overdose. I almost died. Mr Kaufman in the city of Irvine California was referred to me by my sister. I gave him $25,000 and all I get is 1600 a month and I still have to pay tax on it. I got stuck with $50,000 worth the community debt even though California is a community property state. He promised that my mom get that money back of the lawyer fees. We did not get it back. He’s rude and obnoxious. Do not use Steinberg and Kaufman in Irvine California.

  2. Deborah J. Boeckeler (Debbie) says:

    I am being forced to sign paperwork in the Deuy ASR Us settlement. Last year I was denied claim because I did not have the cup removed just the ball from MOM unit. My lawyer was aware of this when they told me I would win in the US ASR settlement. Now I will be lucky to get 20k from this after waiting 5 years. In the forms I would release Depuy and all involved and it sounds like its my fault there product failed. I don’t want to sign this I am affraid and I don’t trust these lawyers. I hired Pulaski & Middleman LLC they passed me off to Meyers & Flowers then was passed to Aylstock, Witkin, Kreis and Overholts PLLC when I was represented by Doug Kreis. I am in pain and loosing my home due to this and don’t know where to turn. Can you please help me. I was told I now have to pay 43% plus cost to both law firms. I look like a criminal in the paperwork I am 63 in pain and ill. CAN I back out of this US settlement and file new charges or did this law firm keep me in the dark for a year where I have no choice? I sent them a email last year to have me removed from US settlement and they contacted me last week with an offer from Depuy for $213K but after I pay Depuy and Lawyers I will get nothing and still loose my home and I still need another surgery. Thanks for listening I will not sign until you respond.

  3. Phyllis J Pagona says:

    I was divorced in 2001. I found out I was divorce by a Walmart employee. I tried to use my Navy ID to pay for medication. When I called my lawyer and asked why I was not notified of the divorce, he hung up on me. He refused to take my calls after that.
    A couple of years ago my x retired. I needed a certified copy of my divorce papers. That is when I found out about another court date I was not told about. This time it changed an insurance policy. The divorce papers said it would expire when one of us died. Now it expires when my x is 70. If he dies one day after he turns 70 and my income will go from over 3000.00 per month to less than 500.00 per month. My lawyer stated in the court papers that I waived my rights. Wrong he out right lied. I would have never agreed to that. My total income comes from my x. I am 69 yrs old and I have lost everything because of this lawyer.
    I had proof of adultery, extreme emotional abuse, and his obsession with porn. I still lost, only because I did not know about the divorce. By the time I found out my husband was my x and he had already married his mistress.
    I called every lawyer I could find and nobody would help me. They were not willing to go up against another lawyer. How can get some help.. I truly need it. Please help me.

  4. Doug says:

    I have been in process of arbitration and possible malpractice suit against BARAK LURIE.I would like to contact (pter smith)

  5. I have a client who feels he was ripped off and charged way too much for a
    case that went nowhere but cost $57,000 in fees.

    Can you call me? 310-214-1020

  6. Johnson says:

    Maureen Hoerger cannot be trusted. I cannot exp

  7. Theresa says:

    Two bad attorneys are Thomas L. Beadle in Rochester Hills, MI and Barbara L. Watry who was a GAL hired. These two worthless people should not be in the legal arena as they are narcissitic pieces of work and charge one to support their lavish lifestyle. Neither of them have a good work ethic nor do they do what they say they can do. Unethical and biased to say the least. Stay clear of both of these individuals. They will worsen your case and charge a substantial amount to benefit themselves.

  8. Paul says:

    Our lawyer was addicted to meth. We lost everything. 1.5 million dollars our home lost all are possession . He is Jon Randall Alworth in houston Tex. Got busted in a Craig’s list prostitution sting. They showed a lot of meth in his ash tray after Police pulled him over in San Antonio. There was a great video on u-tube. Not there any more. This guy put us in skid row. Need help. He was a total liar.

  9. joseph santa cruz says:

    i am the victim of a super-scandolous attorney.I hired him to recover my inheritance and ended up with 0 dollars. he also put a judgement against me for legal fees and block any chance of recovering any money from my judgement, furthermore the attorney quit in the middle of the case. Became unresponsive and hostile. He also now owns property from my trust.He seemed allright at first but after having secret meetings with defendant he would not answer any questions provided a ledger of his expenses that looked like a first grader wrote it.The only explanation for his behavior is he was paid off.He now says I owe him 50,000 and he was hired on a contingency basis.i have an approx 200 k judgement I cant collect.This guy is a crook.please contact me if i can help prevent this from someone else.i hope i posted this on the right site.I live on skid row in los angeles on 221 dollars mo. the defendant lives in a million dollar home.this attorney needs to be castrated so he cant reproduce and tarred and feathered.

  10. Peter Harris says:

    As a result of dealing with Hunter Litigation Cambers and looking back at the substandard services rendered to us by your firms, we can only conclude that Hunter Litigation Cambers has very close and established relationships with the BC Securities Commission investigators and litigators; this kind of relationship with a Government Securities Regulator can only result in collusion and conspiracies.

    How can you properly defend a client and have his/her best interest as your top priority when your firm’s billable hours are dependent upon your working relationships with the Commission?

    Email message sent to Randy J. Kaardal December 13, 2018 at 9:34 AM

    Randy J. Kaardal, Q.C
    Hunter Litigation Chambers
    2100-1040 W Georgia St,
    Vancouver BC V6E 4H1

    Reference: #115 Invoice – PAST DUE -DEC 13-2018
    Please be advised account over due.

    Mr. Kaardal,
    It is unfortunate that you and Mr. Hunter refuse to deal with a client service failure that your firm refuses to admit responsibility.

    • If Hunter Litigations had nothing to hide, why did Mr. Hunter refuse to deal with me?
    • Why did Mr. Hunter have me arrested and not peruse the charges in court?
    • It has been over one year going on two that I have been waiting to appear in front of a Judge. WHY?
    • Why is Mr. Hunter using the RCMP and the legal system to avoid Responsibility?
    • My request is totally justified and reasonable!

    We will peruse your firm under the Commercial Law as you refuse to engage.
    Peter D. Harris
    U-GO Brands Nutritional Products Inc.

    Face Book Page

    How can Mr. Hunter be a Judge?

    Why is Carol James disregarding the truth?

    Keith Mitchell Using the RCMP

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