Barak Lurie – Conflict of Interest

After I had signed up with this web site to report my experience with Barak Lurie I waited for a week to allow Google to find my write-up and index it. I then started my search for ‘Barak Lurie‘ on Google to see how well my articles fared in relation to the information Mr. Lurie wants the internet to disseminate about him.

I found my findings still only way down on page four of the results, but that was not too bad as these pages were just a few days old while the presence Mr. Lurie had created must have taken a lot more effort.

But I found out something else very interesting: Barak Lurie was running for Congress[A]!

I found the first sentence very interesting: “My name is Barak Lurie, and I am running for Congress. I will win.” But when I checked the current list of California representatives I could not find him. Did he make a promise that he could not keep?

But I don’t want to get sidetracked, what is most important, is the fact that he wanted to be paid by the government. He wanted to get money out of the bag that is filled by the IRS. And  he offered to defend me against a claim of the IRS. If that is not a conflict of interest then I don’t know what one would be.

OK, he was not running for congress when I hired him, but how likely is it that somebody out of the blue decided so become a politician and run for congress? The way to congress is usually a long one with many years of working up to the nearly highest level of a political career. It might be just circumstantial evidence, but evidence nevertheless that during the time he accepted to defend me against the IRS he had already set his mind to the goal to be paid by the agency that he accepted to defend me against.

This is highly unethical, to say the least!

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